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Commissioning a piece takes you on a journey through your connection with a time, place, person or purpose.

To commission a piece means to have your own items encased within either our discretion pendants or our lockets. (However, once we have sealed the vessle, you cannot change whats inside. If you are unsure of what you would like to put inside or want to be able to change the items- check out our Antique Locket)

There are no limits as to what you choose to have encased.. we have worked with hair lockets, sand from favourite coastlines all around the world to material from wedding dresses, a snippet of a gorgeous wedding bouquet, soil from home farms and loved one’s ashes…

The resulting keepsake will be a receptacle for joy and love, emotions that will only increase in years to come – a treasure, an heirloom, a beautiful and tangible container for your memories.

evoke: occasion, person, place or purpose

Choose the occasion, person, place or purpose that you wish to have a piece created around.  This can be a wonderful way to celebrate and/or commemorate  those who are closest to you

share: stories

It is always very helpful for Timmy if you can jot down some notes about the piece you wish to have encased and the circumstances surrounding it: – any significant dates (birthdays or anniversaries) – the name of the person/people/place involved – any significant words you would like to include

select: item/s to encase

It may be: – a special family item – a piece of grandma’s lace – soil from the family farm – a lock of hair – ashes of a loved one – a piece of the wedding dress – flowers – sand from your ceremony site – bark from the tree you stood under to recite your vows – seeds from the field where your photos were taken – a piece of wood from the wharf or structure you used … The possibilities are endless and no two pieces are ever the same. Your only restriction is the size of the object you are encasing your items in. If you aren’t sure what type of encasement you would like, please contact Timmy and she will be happy to discuss options with you.

1. consultation

A consultation time is made to take place either face to face, via skype or by email. Here you are able to convey why you would like to have your piece(s) created, the significance of the person, place or purpose associated with the items/memory. Together we work on ideas of how this can occur.

2. creation

Your commissioned piece is created using the words and memorial items provided. This process takes up to 10 working days after your payment and all items have been received.

3. completion

Your completed item is gifted back to you in a manner where the occasion is honoured. This is done either hand to hand or via tracked courier post.

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